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Minutes and Agendas

2024 meetings                        


January 2024    Agenda    Minutes

February 2024    Agenda    Minutes

March 2024    Agenda    Minutes

April 2024      Agenda     Minutes

May 2024 APM    Agenda

May 2024       Agenda     Minutes













2023 meetings                        


December 2023    Agenda     Minutes

November 2023    Agenda    Minutes

October 2023    Agenda    Minutes

September 2023    Agenda     Minutes

August 2023    Agenda    Minutes

July 2023       Agenda     Minutes 

June 2023    Agenda     Minutes

May 2023    APM Chairman's Report

May 2023    APM Minutes

May 2023      Agenda      Minutes

April 2023      Agenda       Minutes

March 2023     Agenda      Minutes

February 2023   Agenda     Minutes

January 2023     Agenda     Minutes 






Checking Text on a Document

Minutes of Parish Council meetings are available to read between one to two weeks after a council meeting. They are published in draft form and approved at the next council meeting. Agendas are published the week before a meeting. A copy is also displayed on the noticeboard.

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